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Lunasol Energetic Spray

CHF 18.00

LUNASOL Energetic Spray "removes the tension from the air", promotes deep, calm breathing, creates a positive and creative atmosphere for mind and spirit and, when sprayed on to your pillow, gives you a relaxed sleep.

LUNASOL Energetic Spray is a mixture of soothing and relaxing essential oils.

For fine-matter energetic renewal, the spray contains Spagyrics Antimone Distillate (ASA) as well as Aurum potabile. The design of both compositions originates from the pen of the great alchemist Alexander von Bernus. "The mixture is the essence" and so LUNASOL Energetic Spray is more than simply the sum total of all its component ingredients.

50ml — Full Declaration of Ingredients:

Alcohol, water, alchemical gold solution, alchemical antimony distillate, oil mixture of rosemary, oregano, spruce needle, lavender, petitgrain, citronella, thyme, lemon grass and verbena oil.