The Nice Fleet

After studying Art History and then 15 years in the fashion world, Marie wanted to be independent, to undertake and propose something new. She then had the idea of a collection of cool & chic inflatable accessories that would complement the existing offer, often kitsch and not very durable.

She imagined the nice fleet as a pretty fleet of elegant accessories, intended for all lovers of idleness and travel both summer and winter.

Joining our fleet is also choosing a quality product with a unique design.

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Tips for use

This product can reach high speeds under certain conditions. Do not use on high speed descents. Use the product only on gentle slopes without obstacles. Always examine the ground for obstacles, holes and bumps. Use this product only under good weather conditions. For children, always use under constant and close adult supervision.

Never stand or do acrobatics on the SNOW TUBE . This product cannot be towed to / behind a vehicle. This product is not a boat and is not a flotation device.

Always wear a helmet, gloves and a pair of ski goggles during use.

Inflate the product to 90%. Check the inner tube regularly to see if it is not too hard or too soft. Never use compressed air. Do not overinflate the inner tube as this may damage the welds. Close the valve tightly after inflation.

The Nice Fleet