ANGULUS was founded in 1904 by Willy Madsen’s father, who owned a cobbler’s shop on Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen, Denmark. Willy disagreed with the pointed shoes that many children wore at that time.

  • Natural shoes for natural feet

    He thought they were both unhealthy for growing feet and hindered natural movement. Willy gave up his job as a teacher to become a shoemaker, and in 1928, he astounded the Danish footwear industry with his new foot-formed shoes, developed in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists.

    The interest in Willy’s shoes grew and so did the great reputation. Before long, ANGULUS was the talk of the town, helped on by the fact that Willy had married Else Højgaard, one of the most popular ballerinas at The Royal Danish Ballet of the time. The couple even performed publicly, with Else wearing ANGULUS women’s shoes, which really paved the way for the brand, and soon ANGULUS was the largest shoe factory in Denmark.