SOEUR borrows a lot from men to highlight the feminine.

This is a sensitive, timeless wardrobe, built on a love of materials and colours, and a passion for authenticity and quality.

This is faultless style that sometimes delights in blurring the lines of the body, playing with volumes, to better show off its charms.

These are pieces to make our own, to be passed on, intuitive pieces designed to last and to evolve, from one woman to the next. Their goal is always to offer an inspiring vision of femininity defined by grace, freedom and simplicity.


Launched in 2008, the brand originally aimed at young girls has branched out into creating clothing for their mothers too. Alongside velvet jackets, checked shirts and embroidered blouses, founders Domitille and Angélique Brion now also offer vermillion jewelry. The delicate chains, hooped earrings sold individually, rings graced with fine jewels and pretty medals are all understated and tasteful, perfectly in line with the brand’s chic St Germain spirit.