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Blundstone Footwear has been making sturdy and unique boots in Tasmania, Australia, since 1870. The family-owned company has maintained the quality, integrity and authenticity of their products for over 130 years.
Blundstone boots are no-nonsense, go-anywhere, do-anything legends. Their durability is phenomenal. Blundstones are the boot of choice in Australia, where the going gets tough indeed. Blundstone boots are built to take a beating and shrug it off. In these days of disposability, it’s reassuring to know that with proper care, it’s not uncommon for your Blundstones to last for years.
The revolutionary boot soles and contoured fit are designed for extreme comfort. Blundstone’s patented Shock Protection System (SPS) reduces shock transmitted to your feet, knees and vertebrae by 33% at a walking pace – less wear and tear on your body and more on your boots.
The treads don’t slip in mud and snow, and water and grit don’t get in. When it’s cold, your feet are warm and dry. When it’s hot, the leather breathes so feet don’t overheat.
Blundstone boots are anatomically designed for superior fit. The leather upper is cut in the shape of a human foot, which is asymmetrical, then fused seamlessly into the sole.
After years of walking, hiking, working and playing in the comfort of a pair of Blundstone boots, you’re not wearing them out. You’re just wearing them in.