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By Anna-Thea Jaeger

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Home is where you want to be. Home is where memories are made. Home is where fairytales come alive.
 It’s where our wings are shaped. Home is where music is playing and candlelights are glowing. It’s were we dance, celebrate, breath, sleep and live.
 I sit on the flowery patterned chair, from where I watch rain on the window and listen to the autumn winds blowing. I glance through the window as the season is changing. Burning logs fill the room with warmth. Above the fireplace, the wooden shelf is decorated with souvenirs from foreign countries.
 Home is the sounds of swallows and bedtime stories. It’s the sight of my old childhood car. Home is the taste of cupcakes with frosting and chocolate buttons. The feeling of my fingers running through my dolls hair again and again.
 Home is where we feel embraced by a soothing scent of perfume. Butterflies in my stomach while I slide down the stair rail. Home is that pleasing smell of cinnamon pie on a rainy day. Home is a place where we talk and laugh, where we cry and feel happiness.
 Home is where we feel safe and warm.
 Home is when you’re with the ones you love.
“ Home is where the heart is..”

The AW16 collection is all about the wonders of “HOME” – the place where all arise.



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