We Love Greece We Love Greece

We Love Greece

By Patrizia & Lucy

We Love Greece We Love Greece



If you’d like to explore a new island every summer, you’d be set for some good decades in Greece.
From small and authentic ones to international jetsetters destinations, Greece offers it all.
We like it a little bit off the beaten track but still easily accessible when you travel with kids.

Sifnos was our last pick.

A couple of hours of direct flight from Zürich to Athen and you already won a guaranteed blue sky and a Mediterranean feeling.

After renting a car at the airport, the real holiday feeling starts when you board the ferry boat from Pireous harbour.

The trip is smooth, it lasts around three hours and from the deck you see slowly the coast fading away.

The wind is warm, you smell the sea while you navigate through many other small islands.

When the ship set anchor the sunset is surreal. The sky is red and the little bustling harbour is organizing itself for the drop.

For a good 20 minutes Kamares is hectic, cars look like ants buzzing around, some tourists watch the whole action ‘cause it is the only action on the island.

The rest are cicadas singing, the turquoise sea washing the shore, the sound of old ladies chatting on the streets in the evening.

Clima is hot and dry even in July and August.

The meltemi wind blows and mitigates the heat. You never sweat, you might even need a light pullover in the evening if the wind picks up.

You could rent a villa or going to a hotel but what I experienced in Greece is that often villas offers a bird view of the sea.

This is the most amazing thing for me, waking up in the morning, the vast sea in front of you until the horizon.

A feeling of freedom for the eyes and the soul. Our gaze is often blocked from buildings, mountains, trees, walls.

If you are more than a family it is much more fun and easier to share a house together.

There are several beaches on the island, kids can swim and snorkel easily, there are no dangerous currents, the water is so transparent that you cannot resist.

Umbrellas and chairs are cheap but not all the beaches offer them, on some hidden ones you have to bring your own or find a nice tree to shade you.

In the evening, you can stroll around in the pretty villages of Apollonia, Artemonas, Vathi. White houses, narrow alleys, little boutiques and restaurants. Kids laugh and run on the piazzas while you sip your drink.

Welcome to Sifnos.






Mosaico in Artemonas
Theodorou’s sweet shop Artemonas
Maiolica in Platys Gialos www.maiolicarestaurant.com
Kafeneio Drakakis Apollonia
Agianemi Apollonia
Omega 3 in Platys Gialos

Small beach of Apokofto nerby the Panagia Chrissopigi monastry